Who We Are?

We provide entrepreneurs both secured and unsecured alternative business loans and do so in a quick and easy to understand funding format. Funding as quickly as 48 hours. We are an independent service organization and brokerage. That means we can find the best loan options available for your particular funding needs. The use of the funds are at the business owners discretion. Inventory, expansion, marketing, business capital, personal, etc.

Unsecured loans up to 4 million dollars in as quick as 48 hours. Minimum requirements to apply are 3-6 months business bank account deposits of at least 7,000 dollars per month. Let’s get started!

Secured loan minimum requirements are on a case by case basis. We do offer very attractive financing options for projects needing at least 10-15 million. Give us a call today 248-943-5803.

Our services

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We take pride in offering the Easiest, Cheapest, and Confident funding process in the industry. Our funding program is very easy to understand and even easier to follow. We will work with you side by side in getting you to the finish line.

We understand the capital needs of small businesses. We listen to our customers and use a combination of products to customize a solution based on the current and future growth needs of the business.

Your business with a merchant cash advance of up to $300,000 per location through purchasing of your future credit card receivables. An alternative to a small business loan, these funds are based against your business’s future credit card and/or debit card processing sales from your business’ customers and are generally deposited to your account upon APPROVAL within 5 business days.

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Fast and Secure Funding

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